Katsura Villa

The construction of the Katsura Villa and grounds near Kyoto were commissioned by the princes Toshihito (1579 – 1629) and Toshitada (1619 – 1662) of the Hachijo Imperial Family and built in three main stages starting in 1615 over a period of roughly fifty years.1 In its lifetime, Katsura as attested by Arata Isozaki in his […]

Rousham (1738 – 41)

The landscape gardens at Rousham are considered the ‘most complete and typical’1 of William Kent’s gardens. They were initially laid out by Charles Bridgeman until around 1737 under the instructions of the Colonel Robert Dormer, but were later completed in 1938-41by Kent when commissioned by the younger brother of the Colonel, General James Dormer. The […]

Vaux-le-Vicomte (1656 – 61)

‘…a garden constructed according to mathematical formulas, where metaphysics is dissimulated by perspective, epistemology circumscribed by geometry, and rhetoric composed by the mobility of our bodies.’ Allen S. Weiss, Mirrors of Infinity In 1656, the small village of Vaux and two nearby hamlets were cleared for the construction of the chateau and gardens of Vaux-le-Vicomte, […]