The introduction of nature would be on a substantial scale, as opposed to, for instance, tree lined avenues where nature has a superficial ornamental role and trees are hardly regarded as anything more than street furniture. The treatment of nature is not to be as ornament paltry to the urban landscape but as sculptural objects in their natural form, that in their great numbers would inspire a deep-seated memory of their original homes.

The nature of the space is not to be exactly reflecting the woods, but is to be comparable to outdoor rooms. The trees would be laid out in a regular geometrical fashion, as a forest of columns, and the spaces created would serve as a backdrop to daily human activity.

Ideas on the treatment of the landscape is influenced in part by formal French gardens, which were constructed as an ordered space peopled with activity. We are not, however, proposing to completely subjugate nature through for instance, topiary, but rather to ‘capture alive’ its essence and transplant it in an urban situation, while acknowledging the fact that the proposal is not for a landscape of nature as found. It could not have been a hideaway, trying to reinstate wild nature in this urban setting would have been a romantic runaway concept. The controlled ordering of trees to make people-centric spaces offers a balance in the context of the site, which is a corridor of continual movement and constant activity.

© Kalpana Gurung


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